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AEP Sports has been established for more than 30 years.  We have become a premier off-season development program for Offensive and Defensive Linemen in the state of WA.  Athletes come to us from from a number of states, with the majority here in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the west coast; including Southern Cal, and in Hawaii. Over the years we are proud to have many of our male and female athletes/AEP alums, competing at every level in men’s and women’s sport’s.


To maximize the principles of a strong family to assure that our student athletes have the Strength, Skills, Discipline and Attitude to dominate on and off the field.  


•God, Family & Academics.  •Character •Accountability •Discipline •Commitment, •Undeniable Passion to lay it all on the line.  These are the core values, that make up the foundation, our student athletes are build upon.



• Showcases, Recruiting Fairs • Business & Community Service Initiatives • Coaches Clinics • Skills Specific Camps •Adult and Youth Fitness 

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Support Every Step of the Way

Sharing and learning are my passions, they are  also the defining aspects of who I am.  With over 38 years of experience in the industry, the quest to find new ways to teach or to execute a specific technic, is as exciting today as it ever was.  The fact is, no matter the athlete, big or small, amateur or a professional, the Principles of a technique will always be the same.  Our quest is to provide our athletes with the best options  to dominate when it matters most.  Our personalized approach ensures that no matter where your skill level is at, I believe that we can find an option to make it better.  There’s an abundance to learn.  I have just begun.

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Solitary Gains

Private training will be to asses and identify your individual needs.  Playing fast is a must at every level.  It’s hard to be fast when you’re unsure of yourself.  A complete assessment will identify what your specific needs are, from which, it will allow us to create a  strategy accordingly.




Competition Driven Results

Our group training is hands down the best preparation for any competition.  Our student athletes know very well the importance of executing their strategy with fundamentals, not emotion.  Also, that we compete with technique and attitude from start to finish.  In addition, that we have to be selective on when and how we use strength.  Being STRONG, physically and mentally, will never be an issue with any of our student athletes.




Build Together

Maximize your team’s efficiency with our team training. We will have your whole team stronger, more competitive and working as a family.  It’s extremely difficult to beat a team that compete’s as a family.  Family members will lay everything on the line for each other.




I'm writing on behalf of a long time dear friend Faipea Avaava (Coach Ava) and the great work he's done with the boys he's had the opportunity to work with and train. I've seen first hand the quality of his work and more important the improvement the players have as a result of their association with Coach Ava and AEP. 
I'm an All Pro and Pro Bowler at 2 positions as an offensive lineman in my 15 yrs with the San Francisco 49ers. I can attest that a lot of young Linemen will get scholarships to attend College as a direct result of their being coached by Faipea.
I'm proud of his work and how he's changing the lives of young men by using the game of Football to get their education.

Cofounder of the Polynesian Hall of Fame and the Polynesian Bowl


Coach Ava has transformed my son and nephew into quality lineman and balanced young men. My boys began working with Coach Ava in 2014 and now they are starting lineman for the nation’s top ranked high school football program, Mater Dei HS. Coach Ava has gone as far as traveling to Southern California every month in order to train my boys on his own dime which shows his extreme passion for working with kids.  Within the last two days, my son received his first D1 scholarship offer as a result of the training Ava has provided. There is no amount of money that could compensate him for all of his time and efforts to date.  


AEP has been nothing short of a blessing for my son. Since he has joined AEP in Spring of 2018, my wife and I have seen great improvements in his technique, strength, Pass/Run Block and his overall knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a linemen. Coach Ava (AEP) is very passionate and patient when it comes to teaching and training these young men. AEP not only teaches the highest quality of Lineman training but Coach Ava and staff instill lessons to help these young men grow. He holds them accountable as a student athlete. We have put our son in different top programs in the state and most of them focused on skilled positions. A family member referred us to Coach Ava (AEP), we checked it out, we loved it and the rest is history. Our son looks forward to the training's weekly and hates missing them. We’re glad that we joined the AEP family.


Coach Ava and Athletic Edge Performance (AEP) is so much more then just another football academy, clinic or other Off season program. It's a FAMILY with true intention to help your athlete reach the next level, next step in life and more. Our son D'Angalo has been with Coach Ava and AEP for the last 3 years and we couldn't be happier on the impact Coach Ava and AEP has had on him both on and off the field. Changes to our son both phyically and mentally has been nothing but positive. They push and encourage our kids to do well in school, be respectful young adults, and to NEVER settle. AEP provides our kids to learn new and fresh nuances/techniques of the game while challenging players to focus on a student-first, athlete-second mentality.Coach Ava and his AEP staff are all truly invested in all of our athletes. To see the joy and excitement in their faces at EVERY practice is pure selflessness!Our kids learn about life lessons, how to overcome adversity, challenge their own fears, master their craft they love so much and best of all, build relationships that will last a lifetime. We are forever greatful to Coach Ava and AEP.  WE ARE AEP!!


My name is Amosa Amosa and i was the Head Football coach at James Campbell High School in Ewa Beach, Hawaii from 2008 - 2017.  During these years i have had the opportunity to bring Coach Ava to help train our players in regards to their speed, strength, and position techniques.  Coach Ava is very knowledgeable and very qualified and was able to improve our overall team physical abilities.  He was able to teach and educate our coaching staff along with our players in every positions of our football program.  With the success of our program, Coach Ava was asked by coaches and athletes from other sports in our school to design a system and program ideas, methods and techniques to improve their athletes performance.  I only wish i could offer him a job so he can remain on the islands throughout our seasons. He needed to fly back to the mainland due to his training business and family.  Coach Ava was well respected by our staff and players, he is a hard worker and enjoys working with our players and student athletes. 



We would love to discuss with you how we can help you reach you goals.  

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